Confessions of a dangerous mind
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2005-03-23 22:38:32 (UTC)

Daniel and Georgia

I saw Daniel and Georgia today. Georgia was so cute, she
was jumping up and down shouting "Amy!!! Amy!!!" Daniel
was being very boyish and hanging back in the corner, he
refused to give me a hug because i'm a girl so I had to
tackle him and tickle him before he would.

I'm worried about Daniel though, he's very violent, and he
kept threatening to "Get out the belt" and saying things
like "Kids should be seen not heard" when I asked him
where he heard that he just quickly changed the subject.

He's my brother, I really hope that Tracy is looking after
him, after she's split with Mark, and moved them away, to
a different country... it's hard for him I can tell. He
might only be 8 now, but he understands.

Georgia bless her, has no idea what's going on, all she
knows is she wants her Daddy.