Can You Help Me?
2005-03-23 21:01:13 (UTC)

Lovley Lady

I'm floating
Not really here
No one can see me
Nothing to fear

Every thing's reversing
Nothings the same
The worlds upside down
I can't really complain

The beautiful are ugly
The swans no longer fly
My eyes begin to tear
Everything begins to die

The dark tan turn yellow
Her hair begins to shed
She'd been left alone
To end up dead.

No ones been aloud in
They won't see me like this
She is bound and determined
This can't be amiss.

It's been several years now
She's still hiding in the dark
She wont come out into the light
For fear of a hateful remark

She's still hiding there
The old woman she's become
Shes inching closer to death
After all the way she'd come

As her lifeless body collapses
She remembers the chances she had
To come out of the dark and live
Pushed them away, at the world she was mad

Her mind floats to that island
Beyond mortal minds comprehend
She floats in the sky
And closes the book of her life, the end.

Started out about a friend and it just took on a life of
its own yanno?

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