Celebelly's Life
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2005-03-23 18:18:57 (UTC)

23-3-05!! First attempt to post!

My day was okiday! Heheh finally an okiday day!!! Whoohoo!
I have been walking the dogs with mom and dad, and dad was
nice for once.
Most of the times I get to hear I am no good and I should
die, so it was a nice change and of course he wasn't
drunk.. yet!

After that we went to the stable where our stallion is. He
is only 1 abd a half year old, but a total sweety!!! He
was quite bratty today though, cause spring is coming and
he wants to go outside! So after some struggling, I was
finally done with him, and went to the stable where my
pony is.
The pony is for sale since I can only afford one horse =(

I went on the street with my pony and he loved it, he
actually attacked some dogs, which was uh not so good of
him =P
Then when I got back there were some visitors from one of
the owners of another horse.
These visitors were... ODD!!! The grandfather had weird
leather trousers on, and he had these HUGE, as well as
size and amount, glden rings and necklaces, like a
And they were interested in my pony!!! I was like NOOOO
WAY!!! I want my pony to get NICE new owners and these
were as blunt as can be!!!

Then I went home, and bro's girlfriend was at home again.
I ignored her, since she is spreading lies about me and
such.. I can't stand her. She is acting like she is sooooo
much better than anyone... -.-'
She started bragging about my hair; IT IS MY HAIR, NOT
HER's!!! So I made that clear.
Then dad was drunk around dinner time again, and I just
ate in silence and did the dishes and such and ran
upstairs to the computer again.
I am operator of a G-rated chat; called "Middle Earth-
Palace." It's all about Lord of the Rings, of which I am
totally addicted to!
If you would like to know more about that, send me a

So now I am boring people there and boring you guys with
my diary!
I hope you found this a nice first entry and will check
out more often!!!
^o^ Celebelly ^o^