Celebelly's Life
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2005-03-23 18:03:22 (UTC)

Introduction of mah Diary... Important stuff to know, and un important stuff to know!.

Hullo all,

how uh lovely to see at least some people are interested
in my life.
My name is Chantal, and I am from Holland. Born on the
27th of January and a natural blonde... That means I am
allowed to be stupid! =P

My life... Is pretty uh crappy... Well maybe not, but am
going through a major depression now, so at the moment
it's blegh.
I have been horse riding since I was 5 years old, and am
totally in love with them.
Am a HUGE fan of Nirvana, and i kind of hate rap and such

At the moment i have no relation, a lot of crushes though,
but I lost my boyfriend 2 years ago on lung cancer. =(

Uh dad is an alcoholic, mom has some decease(sp), which
contains her spine to slowly get wekaer and weaker, and
will crumble a bit off. My brother is on soft drugs, which
is allowed in Holland, and has a girlfriend which I HATE!!!

I have a glant problem, it works too slow and sometimes
doesn't work at all, so I am like a walking drugstore! =P
Also am taking Prozac, which is an anti-depression

That's about it, have fun with my diary!!
Love, Celebelly! (that name comes from my RP-character
Celebrían, and people were being silly and called me
Celebelly... That while I am 1.65 m and 55 kilogram...
. )