mary kate
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2005-03-23 15:50:58 (UTC)

life update

okay not much as apened......made up wdi josh layton so
das cool nd i fought dat i ad falen owt wid fletch coza
hayley (long story) bt e pinched me 2day so i took it asa
gud fing. so everfings cool wid m8s

bt der as 2 b suming!!!

MY DAD was shoutin at me dis mornin

long story bout holiday ......have sum advice.....DNT LET

rite is was bout holidays coz ma step dad nd mum r goin on
holiday 2geter lyk day do ever year.....bt day also take
ma max charliue rob jo nd sarah in da suma hols.

but last yearmy dad went on hols wid ma step mum AND
HER SHITTY CHILD. so we didnt kik up dat much ofa stink
bcoz we though oh mabe jst dis tym.........bt we sed dnt
dare think of doin it agen!!!

but now es erd ma mum nd er bf r goin es sayin dat were 2
faced nt kikin up a stink 2 dem....wen its completely
different fing coz der nt takin kids .....ANY OF EM bt of
cors ma dad wil take ma step sis.

lots mor bt cnt b rsed 2 rite.....its very confusin!!!