You think you know, but you have no idea
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2005-03-23 15:05:33 (UTC)

dropping and giving

whew, doggie! its been a long time. since then, i was on
line for this band sorority. it wasnt my thang. i was
falling behind in class. i dropped. i feel bad about it
to a certain extent, but its for a good cause.

my foofie-foofie and i are almost 3 months strong, and
this is the best relationship that i have ever been in.
it appears as those we smoother each other, but actually
we are very free.

last month, i gave him a gift. the greatest gift that i
could possibly give to him at this time. my virginity. i
dont know if he quite appreciates it, but i guess thats
life. one never knows what another is thinking or

anyway, i have class now, but i will probably write back
in an hour.

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