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2005-03-23 14:51:06 (UTC)

Another Wednesday

I woke up today and bound out of bed-- another Wednesday
went thru my head. Just another Wednesfay. Tonight is Movie
Night at Church--- we're seeing the Gospel of John, which
to be honest, doesn't sound all that interesting. I hope by
7pm tonight, I am still awake! We had hoped for the Passion
of the Christ, but to show that video, we would need to get
a public viewing license, which is quite expensive.

Dale is still sick with the headache. There doesn't seem to
be any physical reason for him to be sick according to all
the doctors. I liken this to when I was first struck with
the industrial poisoning. I couldn't get out of bed, my
head hurt so bad. He wasn't particularly sympathetic to me
at the time-- I think he felt it was my excuse for not
coming to church. It's sad that he is now experiencing the
unrelenting headache and the pure misery of not being able
to do anything but pray it will stop.

There is no flipping creamer in the office today. Amy came
in, after negotiating Tom & Stacy's deal, lamented she
neglected to find out the attorney's name... further
lamented (after talking to me) there was no creamer, put
her coat on and has gone out to get some! She's got her
priorites, thank heavens.

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