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2005-03-23 14:30:16 (UTC)

Sports Wives

I normally hate things titled in such a manner but this
looks like it could be good - really good. It's a show
debuting tonight - oh wait, it's only a special
presentation - on A and E and I wanted to watch it really
badly but it's up against Alias, which is up against a
symphony meeting for me. ARGH! They are normally Mondays
but we had to have an extra meeting this month b/c of
people's crappy attendance at the last one...

It also started reminding me of things unbeknownst to
anyone else - especially b/c the commercials have Roger and
Debbie Clemens and their kids in them talking...

Of the many things I yearn for...

[-bites her lip-]

...that one might be better left unsaid at the moment, more
for my mental sanity and protection than anything else.
Perhaps later I'll finish that thought - though it isn't
being a wife, just so you know... [-quiet laugh-]

I've got to go and get this fucking report ready. Boss
still isn't here. It's 0930. They are going to have to
stand the matter down, I think...