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2005-03-23 04:58:01 (UTC)

A bad night...

Tonight was just bad... I've been so good at trying not to
focus on Andy, but tonight I had a set back. It consisted
of me sitting here looking at pictures of us while
listening to sappy love-em-and-leave-em songs by Julie
Roberts (not a good combination). And the kicker of it is
that while I'm sitting here thinking about him and how I
wish things could have worked out ... I KNOW he's not even
thinking about me... AT ALL... and yet I still want to
just have him here. GOD I HATE THIS SHIT!

I gotta get over this boy! He's not worth my time and he
made it PERFECTLY CLEAR that I'm not worth his.

I'm focusing my sights on someone new... Hopefully Easter
Break will work out.

Depressed and going to bed~

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