aNd sO i WrItE
2005-03-23 04:05:15 (UTC) idk

OMG OMG OMG!!!.....

today was....

I woke up kinda early....early enough to get ready with
out one was here as usual which is cool....
then i heard a knock at my front door....luckily i was
dressed all nice and ready....and i answered the door and
it was older brother's friend....smh* he's
like a year younger than my bro....but anyway i inivted
him in bc hes mad cool and a sweetheart....he asked me for
my brother's number and i wrote it down for him...then we
were talking aobut moving and he said that " my boyfriend
would be mad if i left him" and i wa slike yeah
maybe....if i had he sunded mad surprised...and
he was like why dont u have a bf? and i wa slike
idk....and then... we were talking and he was like
okay...well thank you for the number and ill ttyl...and i
told him to have a good day and he said tha same and
left.... then i got something to eat and left....when i
walked out to my car there was a note hangin out of my
door and i looked at it thinking it was another fine for
parking in tha wrong pl;ace or something....when i oppened read::

" Hey beautiful. I was just wondering if you could stop by
after school so I could ask you again, because I can't
believe it. I'll be leaving at 2:15 to pick my son up. So
if you're around here before that stop by.Again have a
good day at school. Beautiful. -Patrick"

I was soo gassed first of all...then just to start my day
off like that was so great man.... he always invited me
over but i never took him seriously...and today i was
going to go over there after school but i forgot his apt.
number and then there was some other things i had to do.
Anyway when i got to school all went well and 1st period
was very teacher was raostin on every was so funny.... then i went to 2nd period and
it was mad boring bc no one was there.... i called Melissa
and she stayed home bc her mother wasnt feeling well and
then Cris was testing so was Marc and Mrques was in a bad i left and went to the library.... i got a lot
of work done and then i got up to get some more paper I
saw Marc.... he came over to my table he's a freak smh*
anyway then he made me listen to his new cd that he burned
at we were jammin at tha table...then Daval came in and
chilled with us he was trying to get at me and then he was
talkin to Marc about his Cd lol they were roastin each
other it was mad funny...then the Bell rang and I went to
my next class...on my way I saw Cris and smiled at me
mmmaaaddddddddd funny .... i gotta question
that.....anyway in class we were watching a movie and then
my phone rang .... i couldnt answer it bc i wa sin class
so i went to tha bathroom when i checked my messages it
was Melissa....she was crying begging me to call her back
so Immediately i called her back and she was so
overwhelmed and couldnt breathe....

then.... she told me her mother died i felt so bad when
she told me i wasnt really shocked just hurt... i love
Melissa a lot and i felt really bad for her i told her
that i was going to call her when schoool got out
when i left the bathroom I saw Marc and told him he fle t
really badly too...he ended up call9ing her and talking to
her....then... he sked me if i wanted to go to tha mall
and at first i wasnt going to go bc the weather was so
terrible was raining and hailing like a bitch
and i was supposed to go over to Q's house but NOPE that
didnt plan out too well... his birthday is coming up too!
oh well....anywya .... back to the story so aftyer school
Marc and i left and went to tha mall when we got there we
saw D and Essence.... so we all chilled... then i did a
little job hunting and Marc did what he did and that was
it.... then we hit up tha music store... now you know how
much i love music .... and Marc is tha same so we were
there pretty much most of the time he copped one of Ray
Charles' cd's and we bounced wwe were walking through the
mall and OMG he was signing sooooo loud ...smh* and he
sings good but he was singing bad on purpose it was mad
embarassing and then i ran into a women's store and he
stopped...then we got to the car and popped Ray in the
deck and just sat and talked about crazy shit for a while
then we got an idea for a mixed tape and i think we're
going to put it together...then he sang a lil for me which
is cool... man he can sing good... he's gone be suttin
speical...real speical... anywya i got home and just
chilled got sutitn to eat n kinda fell asleep until my
mother came in a woke me up... then i called Melissa to
check up on her and she's doing better now which is very
good.... So anyway Phil from my night school class called
me he's a kool cat too... real laid back and chill ... i
think we're going to chill this weekend...and then...
Clayton called me...

I'm talking to him now but last night was wierd... i just
kinda got agreevated with his comments and it was from a
tiem span through out the whole day.... so i was some what
irretated... but now we're talking.... :-/ kinda....
Nikki called me too i think we're going to catch a movie
this weekened hopefully ... shes mad cool i miss chillin
with her... anywhoo..... that... pretty much wraps up my
day... other than to add that we have another head living
with us now... but yup,.... no day is perfect... and so im

Waiting for tomorrow to come
Be Blessed*

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