The Truth
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2005-03-23 04:02:33 (UTC)

Tuesday 3/22/05

Went to school.. had to leave early to go to the dentist
and came back so i didn't miss anymore classes... i will b
getting my braces off nexted week..YEAAAA...

Went to karate for 2 hours 5:30- 7:30
took a shower
went to gymnastics to get the girls i coach with and went
down to Family Fun Center.. YEA

I played DDR (dance Dance Revolution) and did a boxing
game.... and the other girls try to do the same as
me, but they rode the pony tht rocks back and forth
w/ two ppl on it.. haha the guys were starring at us...
thank god i was only on there for 5 sec. then we left ..
and not every one is home doin their homework except for

~~ TTYL ~~ ~~Brittany~~

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