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2005-03-23 03:15:08 (UTC)

hey yall..whats up.. im..

hey yall..whats up.. im lonely.. i dont no where everyone
is at.. catt was on the internet earlier she got off
around 6ish i guess and lloyds probably out somewhere he
just got his licenses today.. and im stook here doing
absolutly nothing except look at these four old walls.. im
mad.. i read catt's journal.. she said she cut her self on
her legs last night 10 to represent the 10days she was
suspended for.. WTF.. ok.. ill be back.. im gunna go see
what the fuck she gets out of it.. ..

be back later..

2 down.. maybe i should do 88 more to represent the 90
days i lost my license for.. that makes absolutely no
senses!.. idk i think im pissed of because im all alone..
and im just sitting here with nothing to do.. just
lonely.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... im
leavein.. im tired of lookin at this screen it pisses me
off.. ........later,,,,