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2005-03-23 02:59:34 (UTC)


Today at school I got in trouble..... There is this guy
that I went out with and we broke up and his name is
Victor, well anyway Victor threw scissors at me and I threw
them on the table and he threw them again and he got caught
and was written up and then the assistant principle came
and pulled me out of class and asked me about it. It was so
scary! I told him and he said I shouldn't have thrown them
and yatta, yatta, yatta and then let me go. Then later in
the day I had a track meet so I left school at 2:00 and
went to a town nearby. I was in the 400 which is one lap
and I got in 3rd place!!! Then I went to Hobby Lobby and
got stuff for a project I had to do. Now I am about to go
to bed. Update you tomorrow. Love you all!