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2005-03-23 02:41:04 (UTC)


Today has been interesting to say the least. It started
off a good note when I got a midterm back and did
surprisingly well considered I spent the night before
talking to doug instead of studying. Shortly after dinner
I was presented with the information that someone from my
past would be making an appearance in the near future.
Hearing this honestly made me sick to my stomach. There
are just certain times and places where you dont want to
have to deal with people...this is one of them. Knowing
that you are going to be insulted up and down and made
fun of for no good reason is not a good feeling to have.
People always tell me to not listen to what is said, but
that is definately easier said than done. I know that the
insults are not true, but its doesnt make it any easier to
listen to them. I really just dont understand why people
find it necessary to go out of their way to make me

So in light of this news I held a minor temper tantrum,
and probably overreacted, but thats what Im known for so I
guess its okay. I have to say that I think some good
might have actually come out of it. Kal was amazing and
rallied her friends for my support, Todd came through for
me in a big way and is making sure that nothing will be
said to me, and even doug called to make sure I was okay.
Oh and how could I forget Jenna for letting me bitch to

Anyways enough bitching....Doug thinks that I need a mini-
roadtrip. Ive always wanted to go on one but have never
been organized or motivated enough to actually go through
with it. I like to have things planned out well in
advance. Doug is definately a more fly by the seat of
your pants type of maybe it would be good for
me. Or it could result in doug killing me for being so
annoying or me in jail for killing him. All possibilities
that would at least result in a good maybe I
will actually go through with something for once in my
life. Doug and I also realized last night that there are
some people that will always have a problem with our
friendship and not understand it. For a minute doug
actually thought that it was our fault...thankfully I was
able to convince him that if people have a problem with us
then that is their own fault. We are doing nothing wrong
and arent out to hurt anyone. On a side note people need
to start minding their own business. I know that you may
be looking out for a friend, but I think some people are
old enough to handle themselves.

So I think that is enough for now. Im really looking
forward to this weekend and hopefully having another drama
free fun weekend.