Autum's Leaves
2005-03-23 02:31:06 (UTC)

Rocky Roads and Sarcasm

The irony, I hate that kind of ice cream. I'm more of a
moosetracks girl myself.

So, the inexplicable ups and downs of life have
returned as usual. My Sophomore's preformed last night,
and other than not having some props where they were
suppose to be, some missed lines, a table falling over in
the middle of the play...need I go on? It was alright. It
wasn't perfect, but these are 15-16 year old Sophomores.
They make ME feel old. The upshot: it's over and I got
free pizza and cupcakes today.

There's someone who read my blog! I about dropped my
sunless tanner all over my beige carpet when I found out.
For my sake, I'm happy I could contain myself. To that
person, thanks so much for reading.

Yes, Prom and Spring Break loom closer by the minute,
but it's impending doom is to no avail in helping me diet.
Yesterday I had a salad. Today I had a salad, steak, pizza
and cupcakes. Damn my wonderfully formed mouth.

Seeing the ex? Ugh, I don't know if I'm ready for it.
Supposedly we're "chilling" tomorrow. Of course I don't
know what that means since I'm so incredibly white. Please
know I'm joking.

There's two males, who I will not mention by name or
grade or age or anything, except that they are two males.
One is skinny, one is chunky. They're both adorable. The
signals I'm getting, could be actual signals or figments
of my imagination, which is the worst thing to me about
real world dating. In Sex In The City, or other shows or
movies, things are very clear, because that's what we all
want. Certainty. We want to know that they want us, and
none of us want to be the girl who likes the guy that the
guy doesn't like back, or vis versa. But, in real life,
only 10% of the people I've met are that arrogantly sure
of themselves. How do we interpret signals that could be
there or not? Is it as easy as making the first move? Is
it having to know for sure before making the first move?
Sometimes we send out signals not ment to be recieved.
But, all in all, maybe we all need a sock in the pants for
dating. If not that, then sometimes we all need some balls.