SoMe PeOpLe WaNt It AlL...
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2005-03-22 22:31:26 (UTC)


Ahhhhh!!!! Guess what I found out as soon as i signed
on just now?! My dad set me to only two hours online!!!
OMG!! I'm really upset. :(
I just had another booooring day at school. I guess I
kind of broke with the whole mad-at-Florentine thinhg cause
I was fine to her today, but I'm never telling her any
secrets again!! Plus I had to do a Spanish dialogue today
with her(which i got 100 on!) so we kind of had to get
along. Stefanie's being all nice to me now, but I'm still
totally annoyed. Another person who's annoying me is Peter.
(Yes Peter you) He's annoyingly quite and unenthusiastic
about everything now. And he doesn't realize how much he'll
miss me when we're not together next year. :D
By the way when I wrote that thing yesterday about the
hypocritical church-goers I didn't mean Beth!LOL
I had drama after school today. I hate drama sooooooo
much! We are doing the most boring play ever: Gramercy
Ghost. I have an ok part, but I'm glad I don't have a lot
of lines cause then I won't have to memorize them. The play
we did two years ago in sixth grade was a lot better. Now
we have to have practice Tuesdays AND Thursdays!
Only one more day till Easter vaycay starts!!


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