Oh,The Insanity
2005-03-22 22:13:58 (UTC)


reading the previous entries makes me wonder WHAT THE HELL?
Adam is not THAT great, high school really did SUCK and my
mom is well, she's weird. I guess I've grown up or
Things here and now are...great. ^_^ Working, sleeping,
Working, Sleeping...repetition is the American Dream, right?
Anyhow, Adam and I still talk...sometimes. He's not with
Corinne anymore, but Catie (Corinne's friend...some
friend). It all reminds me of Gay Drama, everyone dates
everyone's ex because apparently there's a shortage of "our
kind." Losers and assholes, perhaps? But really, I have
nothing against anyone, mainly because if you can't take 5
minutes out of your day to see if I'm still alive then fuck
you! I am a worthy and way cool human being and I deserve
to be treated with the same respect I gave/give you. So if
you're harbouring some insane notion that I'm not good
enough to deserve your love or time then maybe you don't
deserve me.

Vengefully yours,

Ps-what was up with the marshmallows and what is a faithful