Missing You
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2005-03-22 20:05:20 (UTC)

March 22, 191 days left

It's Tuesday and Kai comes home for 2 weeks on Thursday.
I'm so excited I can hardly breathe! I talked to him
online a couple days ago and he finally sounded like he
was really excited, too. I know he was before, but he
really let it show this time. I think it was because there
weren't any other army people around. It's crazy how
different he is when those people are around (until he
gets drunk, and then he's fine.). It's sad how the
military trains the emotion right out of them. It really
sucks, too, especially when you're apart from them like
Kai and I are and I'm a frikin' emotional basketcase and
he isn't allowed to show emotion at all. Last week, when
we were talking online, he told me that he prefers talking
on the phone than online because he says online is less
personal. I can understand that, but I like talking online
better. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing his voice and
all that, but it's easier to talk to him online because
he's more expressive and I get to see more of that emotion
I miss so much. Anyways, I'll stop being such a sap...I
can't believe it's like less than two days until I get to
see him! I love that kid...

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