The crazy world of me
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2005-03-22 18:48:55 (UTC)

neverending day

Hey there kids. So a couple nights ago I had the
craziest night ever. All kinds of shit just hit the fan
all at once. It was crazy. I didn't even get to go to bed
until 9 that morning.
It all started at work that night. I have been sick
lately so my doctor gave me some medicine and this shit
made me feel worse off than what I had already felt and I
already felt shitty. There were days I just wanted someone
to shoot me because I felt so shitty. Well, this medicine
says it causes dizziness. Yeah it causes way more than
that. I could barley stand and I was throwing up all over
the place but I didn't go home because I needed the money.
It was oh so horrible.
Then I get home and Ricky calls me talking about how he
was going to go to jail for killing someone. I was like oh
gosh what to say. I didn't want him to do anything crazy
but the way he was talking scared me and I thought he
might. He didn't though so that is good.
Then I find out that my sister is pregnant but she was at
the hospital and bleeding. She found out that she had a
tubular baby. I think that is what they call it. So she
lost the baby. That hit home real hard because of my past
events. That's what my big secret was by the way to you
guys that I never told. I had a miscarriage. I wanted to
talk about it so bad but I couldn't. I saw a counselor
about it though and that helped a lot.
So a little bit later I called Jake crying about what
happened with my sister because it was fucking with me
pretty bad. If I didn't have my friends sometimes I swear
I would be completely nuts. Anyway so he asked me if I
could go pick my friend Sarah up off the road where Jeremy
left her. So of course I was going to do it. So I went
and got her and I figured she needed to talk so I smoked
with her. Well, that medicine I took started killing me
again. I was throwing up all over my front yard. Sarah
was like oh my gosh are you okay. Because this shit fucks
with you. It makes me turn as pale as a ghost and I swear
I was not inside my body. It sounds crazy but that's the
only was I can explain it. I couldn't feel the left side
of my body. Aah it was just so crazy. So I took her home
and I am not even sure how I made it all the way there and
all the way home safe. I could barley open my eyes. I
don't truthfully remember driving her home and I wasn't
even drunk.
By the time I got home I would say it was like 3:30 maybe
4 and I was so tired. But my phone rang and it was my
friend Aaron. I had to talk to him about some shit that
had gone down. Plus I had not talked to him in such a long
time. So we talked forever. I love that kid so much. He
is one person that will always me in my life. I can't even
think of a time when I have been mad at him. So I get off
the phone and literally as soon as I laid down Ricky called
and apologized to me about what happened. That's cool
whatever it didn't last very long. Not that I minded
because I didn't know it yet but I wasn't going to bed any
time soon. So then I get another phone call from john my
sisters husband and we talked about what was going on with
my sister and that's when he told me yes it was positive
that it was a tubular baby and that they had to do
surgery. After I heard that bad news and was all emotional
I got another phone call from Aaron. After that my sister
called so it was just never ending. I finally got to sleep
but there was phone calls all day so it wasn't a peaceful
sleep. It was such a crazy day. Don't want to redo it.
Well, I could go on forever about some other stuff but I
will leave that for another time.