Kalamity K

The Daily Chaos of Kalamity K
2005-03-22 18:11:55 (UTC)

I couldn't even last 3 whole days...

I broke down temporarily and sent YWSBN a picture of the
Blue Jays today. I knew he would want (like) to see it...
I've been after it for a while, a hard copy from the
magazine but no, I was too stupid to buy it when it was
out, and my boyfriend found me the cover on line in a
fairly clear picture that is now my wallpaper here. YWSBN
loves - has loved, has a soft spot for - the Jays and I am
happy to announce it pre-dates knowing me. So I sent it to
him. I said it didn't count - it was an exception.

I'm a fucking liar. Of course it counts. Dumbass. Why
can't I just stop this and get on with it and get over
myself? I should be strong enough to just stop cold
turkey. He could. He has. [-sigh-] So that makes
me...not as good. All that talk about how strong I am from
people. Apparently I throw up a good fake now and again...

But I'm glad he has the picture anyway. Very glad,

Yeah. That was a smile. A bit of one.

I have to go. Mail for me at reception. I love my job.
Really I do.