The life of me
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2005-03-22 10:39:39 (UTC)

*To my love* 3-22-05 4:21AM

My darling Bruce,
Hello, my love.I just wanted to say I love you with every
ounce of my heart and soul. You are my everything. You are
my sunlight. Without you, my world would be a very dark and
lonely place. I'm going to tell you something I've never
told you, mainly 'cause I wasn't sure how to say it. I'm
gonna try now though. Here goes. When you broke up with me
and got together with Lisa, I wanted to die. I really did.
It hurt sooooo bad and I know this is gonna sound like a
horrible thing to say, but part of me wanted to kill her
too and you for leaving me. But that doesn't matter
anymore 'cause I have you back now and she has Billy, so
everybody's happy. I wanna thank you for loving me and
believing in me when nobody but Lindsey did. She's always
believed in me. *smile* You've always believed in me too.
Thank you, baby so much. I know people don't understand our
relationship and most people freak out over the age
difference but I don't care. Like I've always said, age
ain't nothing but a number. It don't mean crap. Love is
what matters. I know we're not married yet legally. But in
my heart, I'm already Mrs. Dike. Hell, yeah! hehe. I know
soon I'll be back in your arms where I belong and be safe
and happy and loved. I can't wait for that day. Once we're
together again, I'll never leave you're side. I love you
more than anything. I'm going to go to bed now and dream
about you. *wink* I love you, I love you, oh by the way,
did I mention I LOVE YOU? LOL! goodnight, my love. Sweet
dreams. (They better be about me or you're in trouble,
Mister!) lol

All my love,

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