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2005-03-22 04:44:19 (UTC)

I have a diary now!!!

Wow, I am excited to have a diary to vent about all the
drama in my life and lack there of.

Wow, do I have anything interesting and worth reading to
write about?

Well, boys are confusing. Last night was the anniversary
of something very bad that happend to me. It has taken me
one year to recover and I don't even know if I am
recovered. I have spent too much time in therapy and taken
too much medication to help me forget. And why should I
forget? What if it happens again?

Last night, my friend Rob came over and he crashed here. I
really, REALLY like kissing this kid and he makes me feel
safe- something that men rarely do for me. I don't know
where we stand because boys run hot and cold.

I will not keep banging my head against the wall trying to
fiqure it out. AHHHHHHHHH, boys are confusing!!!!!

But they are fun to kiss, despite the tongue diseases you
can get ;).

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