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2005-03-22 03:36:18 (UTC)

Blue Jays Tickets


Major League Baseball REALLY fucking irritates me. If it
weren't for the fact that I love my Blue Jays, I'd have
abandonned the sport all together a long time ago. I'm
sick of high-salaried players whining, I'm sick of teams
moving from one "bad" place to another that could be the
same level of bad, I'm sick of stupid ass commissioners,
I'm just sick of it. First, they want me to pay to listen
to games on line. Okay. I MIGHT be able to accept that.
MIGHT. (Not likely, but MIGHT.) I MIGHT suggest that if
you are going to have to pay you should only have to pay
to listen to games outside your region, but that just bugs
me too. But honestly. My local radio channels streams on
line. But MLB steps in and says, Sorry, you can't stream
this baseball game. FUCKERS. Milking the fans for every
last fucking penny. But I MIGHT (I said MIGHT) be able to
accept paying for on-line listening privileges. BUT NOT

And now, I'm trying to see if I can buy tickets online.
Aside from my total being completely stupid because of all
the additional bullshit charges they can conveniently tack
on b/c you are buying via their website (oh, oooooooooooh,
oh the privilege!), they are making really far too
complicated. Really, I shouldn't have to have a fucking
MLB account to buy tickets. I should be able to put my
credit card number in, click buy and be done with it. I
guess baseball no longer has an attendance problem,
because certainly one would think if they did they'd bend
over backwards to make it easier for the fans to come out
to the games - and not do things to piss off the fans and
the impulse buyers...

Oh wait. I'm talking like the owners care about the
fans. My mistake. Jissus.

So, I'm trying to get tickets for the home opener v. the
Bosox but as previously referenced, I'm almost having
second thoughts. I love my Blue Jays. I love the sport.
Everyone else can just go and fuck off.


P.S.: and oh yeah. My boyfriend can't decide if he wants
to go or not - b/c he wants to go to a game, but not the
home opener because there are going to be a lot of people
and it's not his thing and he'd rather go to another
game. I could accept that, really, but the number of
fights we've had after I've driven us to the movie theatre
and we cause (I cause) scene after bloody scene b/c he
refuses to go in b/c there are too many people, or someone
snapped their gum in his face and he is too distracted
(okay that never happened but it is NOT out of the realm
of possibility at ALL), yada yada fucking yada. Once, we
had even bought the tickets. He changed his mind. He
wouldn't return them at the desk. I had to do it. It was
ridiculous. If I hadn't done it, he was going to walk
right out (it's a big load of bullshit. He'd have gone
back and done it himself after a time...but likes to
pretend like he's leaving and wasting the money anyway and
I fall for it every fucking time...). He dropped his
ticket on the ground. I wouldn't pick it up. So he left
it there and walked out. Of course, I retrieved it and
got the money back but...I'm telling you. I hate this
shit. HATE IT. So eventually he decides he wants to
come. It's how it always happens. But I knew if I kept
asking he'd change his mind again. Because now I sort of
don't want him to come. He won't be able to see the
ball. He doesn't really like watching live baseball for
that reason, or live cricket and he LOVES cricket. I
don't want my day at the ballpark clouded in any way
unless we lose. I'm not spending big money so we'll be
sitting up high, etc. So I asked him again the other day
and now he's back to, I am 95% sure but ask me when you
are going to buy the tickets. Uhm...so finally I just
said, listen, if you don't want to go, that's fine. (It's
not fine, but I can't make him have fun and despite
popular belief, I don't enjoy people not having fun...) I
think I kind of told him not to come. I'm kind of sad and
kind of happy. Mostly just sad, I guess, though it will
be fun to sit in the ballpark in peace, along with 35 000
other people doing the same thing. You know what I mean.
I'll feel guilty either way. It's GREAT. [-sigh-]
Anyway. I'll keep you posted. Right now, I'd bet that
he'll end up coming, but we'll see. Everything has to be
so damn complicated around here. If it isn't him it's me
and vice versa...[-sighs heavily-] K2