Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-03-22 03:23:50 (UTC)

Back to the books

So spring break was boring but good. It was good to be
around my family and sad when I had to leave. I called to
get the score of the game when i was driving home and dad
had me talk to the dog and she started crying becuase I
wasn't there anymore. That's sad. It was so cute. Jon's
picture was on the front page of the Courier Journal (which
is absolutely awesome) and my dad made me get him a copy to
take to work and the anniversary party to show off and mom
wanted one to put on the fridge. They really love him, and
that's cool:) The anniversary party went swimmingly. No
fights. Everyone behaved themself!!! It was absolutely
wonderful. I was proud of all of us; we actually behaved
like civilized human beings. I went to the opry on
Saturday and had an absolute blast. I actually got to sing
and everyone said it was one of the best things all night.
That always makes me feel good. I miss that so much. I
got to sing harmony backstage and you can't just create two
people to sing tight harmonies with out of thin air so that
felt good. Clayton was there, and I was struck once again
by how talented he is. Blair and Jasmine had been playing
a fiddle back stage and they're both good an all, but then
Clayton came backstage and picked the instrument up. If
instruments could show affection, then any fiddle that boy
picks up would melt. You know when a musician like that
touches an instrument that have to breath a sigh of relief
and relaxation. Wow...I've determined I have to lose some
weight so I can wear my summer clothes and not have to buy
all new ones. All of this is so unimportant. Anyways...
its great to be back where all of my friends are. I missed
them. I have this strange urge to go camping and fishing.
Its as if I cannot think strait until I do it. Can this be
spring fever? I dunno. Today was beautiful. I sat under
a tree that was in bloom for like an hour and it was

Final thought: Stars fading, but I linger on dear, still
craving your kiss. I'm longing to linger 'til dawn dear.
Just saying this...Sweet dreams.

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