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2005-03-22 03:15:46 (UTC)

Finally, a bit of nice news...

I believe this, though I could find a hidden dig in
anything, including this, but I believe it because it was
absolutely unsolicited. From one of the longer-standing
members of the symphony volunteer committee who is one one
of the subcommittees I am on, where I am the minute
Hi K2,
I just received the minutes from BN (hadn't been able to
open them when he sent before).
They're so helpful! I don't know how you manage to take
note of all the details of discussion, and it is so great
to refresh our memory with them

Many thanks for making such a valuable contribution to the
[committee] as a new member. All members should be like
See 'ya Wednesday.

Normally something like this would send me over the mood.
Yes. That is how much I depend on other people for my
self-worth. Pathetic, isn't it? But as it stands, I'm
just sort of happy about it. I haven't told anyone yet.
I mean, I just got the e-mail but I've seen my boyfriend a
few times and it didn't even occur to me to tell him, not

Anyway. I'm done. Just thought I would share this one
piece of happy news. Too bad I am so unmotivated to do
anything these days. Even the symphony isn't making me
happy any more, at least not nearly as happy as it should
or did. [-sighs-]