Flying on broken wings
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2005-03-22 02:56:12 (UTC)


Phil: "you say your confused from love... everyone loves
and they are confused.. they don't want to get hurt...
cheated on... they want to know what their feeling is it
fake or real.. i did love once and i knew how i felt and i
know how i feel for you.."

Amy: "then feel it, I can't change that. I can just sit
here at my desk and type, and dry my tears-... that’s all
I can do" aka, I am not able to change what anyone thinks
about me, nor what you want to feel. I can just sit here
and pray that you can see eye to eye with me. Most of the
men that like me say they love me... However, why do they
love me? Most, not all apart from one have ever met me in
person. They say I am beautiful, and a wonderful person-
... However, how do you know that? How can you say that to
me? If you have not seen me in full, as a real person… If
you have not heard my voice, looked deep into my eyes and
seen the truth, how can you say such things? How can you
sit and type to me those words... Words that mean so much?

Love is not just some game love is so much more. Love is
another life that you get a chance to live in this world.
It is not something that you can look at and grasp, and no
men, girls are not just prizes that you can reach out and
take for game. I am a girl, a woman in the eyes of those
around me, and I have this to say, “I once dreamt on
dreams, and wished on shooting stars… Now I have grown up
and seen the truth of this world. Love is the strongest
thing in the world, and those who find it, never truly
know until they pass their vowels, and I do not mean in
marriage. I mean in heart, in soul... When you have learnt
to say those three words with out words and only actions,
then and only then will you truly know the truth behind
this concept of love... without it, you’re just stuck in
the void of darkness."

-Amy -8:56 pm...