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My Favorite Courdaroys
2005-03-22 02:37:06 (UTC)

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Yeah. All I've been able to think about for the past few
hours is my two ex-girlfriends. And the proms I went to
with them. The one with Tricia, it was amazing, just to
be able to be that close to her, and hold and kiss her for
that amount of time. It was amazing. Then there was
Alishas prom, the one word that comes to mind is special.
It was an amazing night. I went in very apprehensive. I
was still hurting from the loss of Tricia, but once Alisha
came and picked me, and I saw her with her hair and make
up... she was beautifal. And then when I ment her family,
I was a little nervous, but they made me feel good, while
Alisha went up to change. And when she walked down the
stairs it was amazing. When we got on the dance floor, I
think it was the song that goes, if your hearts not meant
for me, why does my hand fit yours so, or something like
that. That dance was amazing. Alisha and I had just gone
as friends, but by the end of the night, everyone was
convinced we were a couple. By that monday we were a
couple. But that night was amazing, and I wish I could
get that feeling again. *sigh* Sometimes I doubt I will
ever find that feeling. Both of them just made me feel
great. And I miss being in a relationship. And the only
one who's still single, and a virgin... Yeah, I'm going