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2005-03-22 02:13:08 (UTC)

Life sucks

Hello people! Let me give you a update on my sometimes
overly dramatic life. Last week I didnt smoke all week
long and I was so proud of myself, well wouldnt you know
it come friday when the weekend is here and it's time to
get the drunk on, guess which moron smoked (that would be
me). So after seeing how much I could puff all fucking
weekend, I decided to hop back on the wagon today and I
hope this time I have the strength to keep it up. Today my
poor sister had surgery in her mouth, getting her teeth
pulled. She is rather young for it, but if you knew the
genetics of teeth in our family you would
understand...hell I have had my top dentures for about 10
years now! I feel bad for her because I know the pain she
is in, but the good news is, that she will never have a
tooth ache again. But as usual her husband either found a
way to piss my mother off, or she looked for a reason to
get pissed, and Well.....if you ask me they derseve
eachother....Have fun!