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2005-03-22 02:03:52 (UTC)

Day Number Twenty-Four

So yesterday I worked 6:30-10:30. We flipped the store
upside-down. It was crazy. It went by so fast though
because we were all racing around to get shit done. I left
with Angie and Jenelle at 10:45 finally. Me and Jenelle got
coffee then came back here for a little bit. Around 12 I
brought her home. Then I came home, talked to tim for a
little bit. Then I finished my research and did my outline
for english. i finished that around 3:05. I did my psych
homework, got in the shower and did my hair. It was 4:30 Am
when I got into bed. I didnt fall asleep until 5... and I
got up at 6. So yeah one hour of sleep. LoVELY!! I actually
just woke up. I came home from school...took an hour my TB test results...went to the store with my
mom... then came home. I slept for another 2 hours. I could
def. sleep through the night but i forced myself to get up
because I have things to do. I had the most boring day
today at school. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be
just as boring seeing as how i have two study halls. yuck.
but now i need to go get in the shower...