Angel's Whispers
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2005-03-22 00:15:15 (UTC)

man I need to go do my homework.

Today my teacher was being kinda grouchy. I was having a
semi good day, since I woke up, had a good breakfast with
coffee, and hung out with my friends, but some people
didn't help me or pay as much attention to me as much as
when my hair was straight. I don't like it... tells you
how much people judge on appearances...

So my teacher was like totaly not liking our class, and
people were kinda like bugging him, and when he looked at
them his face was like i've never seen it before. I just
wanted to call out a time out and have everybody focus on
him, I do not like dis-harmony!

And also my english teacher got me marked a few points on
my questions. I was sad. When I looked on-line it says
that I have an 88 percent, but when I did the math, if she
grades our essays soon I shall have an A. That is if she
grades them soon...

And Adam didn't stay like he usually does. I know that I
don't like him but I do want to have some company, even
though I already have like three other people coming to me.

Yeah, so I was gonna be anorexic, but I went home ate a
ding dong, and chocolate milk. I turned on my music of HIM
(his infernal Majesty) and now I am venting it out here. A
more personal place. Instead of live journal.

Please talk to me. I want to make some caring friends.

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