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2005-03-22 00:12:40 (UTC)


today has been boring so far. we have graduation testing
for juniors. seniors (along with freshmeat and sophomores)
have to go to all our classes.

I don't like 1st and 2nd periods. the only reason i even go
to first is si i can see mike. he's my best friend. other
than lewis i can tell him anything. He's the only guy i've
ever gotten really close too.

i feel closer to mike even more then i do to my friend
lizzy and i've known her for 15 yrs. i've only known mike
since august.

yesterday lewis bought a webcam. i'm fine with it to a
certain extent. i just don't want certain ppl seeing him
(i.e. kaitlyn, amber, and linzi)

he's a big boy and he can handle himself but if he told
them before that he loved them how am i supposed to believe
he's still not? i guess i should learn to trust him more,
but its so hard too, specially since he hurt me before.

i wish i knew if he was gonna hurt me agian. i love him so
much and i just can't lose him no matter how much he hurts
me. i gave him my heart and i pray to god that he never
breaks it.