mels world
2005-03-21 22:54:31 (UTC)

Just dragging on

Its been so crappy lately. Its like everyday i just keep
getting hurt more and more. Hes not there for me anymore..
Hes not ever even tehre at all. I feel like i should just
end it and hurt once and final. .And i can move on with my
life. its just dragging on. he doesn't even tlak to me
like im a friend anymore.. He treats me like he would treat
no other. i just need to have a good cry over him.. I move
on with my life as a single woman. I know i could do so
much and go somewhere without him. Hes just dragging me
down right now. Its just not working out. I know i have
messed up lots lately. but he keeps throwing these things
in my face after we talk and say they are behind us. I
mean hes not exactly the best boyfriend in the world right
now either. Of course theres the whole cancer thing. SO i
can't be mean to him.. I love the kid to death. But
everyday im loving him even less then before. I donno.

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