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2005-03-21 22:53:32 (UTC)


It's been awhile. A lot has gone on.
First-my job was passed! I'm going to be coming back to
the job of my dreams for another year! HORAY! It passed 42-
12! I'm so excited!
Anyway, also, rumor has it that I'm next in line to be
asked by a family that I'm close with to be the person to
take care of their "son" if they should die. See? I met
Kyle when I was a Behavioral Specialist. Then I quit that
job to become Kyle's one-on-one in school. Then I quit
that job, became an Ed.Tech in a classroom, but am still
Kyle's Respret provider. Because Kyle is adopted the state
pays a person to take Kyle out of his home for up to 12
hours a month. That is called Respret Care. So now that
I've known Kyle for about...two years, they feel
comforable enough to ask me to be the person to take care
of him if P&B (great grand parents who adopted him) should
die...K...No! Kyle has serious issues. He and I also don't
have what we would call "a loving relationship". It's more
of a..."oh great" relationship. He's a great kid putting
aside his ODD, OCD, and Aspberger's syndrome...I'm just
not up to that. Plus! I'm only 23! What if I meet a guy,
fall in love, get married, and start my own family? Then
one day I get this call, "Lainie? This is DHS, we have
some news for you concerning Kyle A." Then he's like, 16,
a pissed off teenager...not my bowl of suger.
Let me see...I'm planning my grandmother's surprise 90th
birthday! It's not until next Feb., but I want to follow
through with this plan, so I've got to get started now. I
have a HUGE family (47 cousins). So now is good if I want
assistance from any of them.
Spring is here. The weather is warming up, the ice is
melting, and the mud is doing it's thing! It's grand!
I'll write again soon,

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