Faith's life
2005-03-21 22:36:12 (UTC)

So blessed

My fmaily and friends are so excited. My mom says she has
known for sometime,b ut she didn't want to spoil it. SHe
knew that i would take him back, because we are just meant
to be. Brian talked to her and said how he coudlnt lve
without me, and taking these past 2 months apart made him
rerlize that he would not be happy unless we were together.
HE said being together in Cali, or here dindt matter to him
as long as it was the both of us, together forever.
So good thing we dont really have to change any plans for
living arrangements out there, since he will be living with
me. We arent ganan worry about setting the date and all of
the arrangements just yet. My mother is having a weedding
planner, and we will meet with them when we come home for
CHristmas. I do not know what i did to end up so blessed!

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