SoMe PeOpLe WaNt It AlL...
2005-03-21 21:35:05 (UTC)

tHe PaSsIoN...

Heyy. I just got home from school. (I also had after
school math. Fun...I know) I watched The Passion today in
school for more than 2 hours before lunch. I feel guilty
saying this, but I was actually kind of bored. I mean it
was terrible watching and hearing Jesus get beat with a
whip and I can't imagine how Mary must have felt, but this
movie didn't have a huge impact on my life. I think maybe
it's good for everyone to see this movie. All our lives we
have been handed this peachy view of the stations of the
cross, but this picture showed how terrible it really was.
The creepiest thing in the movie in my opinion was Satan.
It was cool how you couldn't tell if Satan was a man or
woman. (It was actually played by a woman who is really
pretty by the way.) It must have been difficult for the
actors to get across the emotions in their parts. I thought
the actress who played Mary did an amazing job. Anyway i
don't think it's a bad movie to see as long as you can
handle the truth (plus a lot of blood.) I have to say
though I'm still not sure of this whole Catholic thing. I
mean I'm sure there is some type of God that created us
all, but a lot of the Church's teachings seem bogus to me.
That's why I don't go to Church. Whenever some of my
friends say, "Oh my God Liz, you didn't go to church? Not
even on _______(fill in holy day)" it seems terrible
because they only go because their parents make them and I
really think a few of them are big hypocrites. I don't need
to go to church to show God I love him. Give me a break.
Soooooo...changing the subject to something a little
less deep... Stef, thig girl in my class is being really
annoying.(and if your reading this Stef this is how i
really feel.) Today, she was upset with me because her best
friend Florentine told her things I said to Flor about her.
I didn't deny it because everyone knows I talked about her,
but I did not say anything to Flor that I haven't said to
Stef's face! After I said I wanted to drop it Stefanir just
kept bringing it up which makes me thibk she wants to pick
a fight with me. I'm more annoyed with Florentine than
anyone else because she told Stef all the thimgs I said
after I said to please not to. As I recall we pinky-
promised.(very fith-grade I know, but meaningful
nonetheless) She swore. I'm not really surprised though
because Flor is the one-person-Stefanie Matthews-Fan Club.
LOL. Whatever. They think I need them, but I don't! I have
a lot of other friends. :D
See Ya!