mary kate
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2005-03-21 20:53:13 (UTC)


wel i hada supa fun day nufin hapen was al rownd nice 2
every1 cept JOSH L :@:@ but oh wel i noticed dat bcpz e
was bein so quiet nt tlkin 2 ne1 coza me no1 wand 2 tlk 2
im so......HAH!

den i gt ome nd charlote found out dat 1 wrote 1 of da
butters fings......yup 1! oooo so mani nd den she ada fat
old go at me wen i onli did it 2 gt er bk 4 sayin dat 1
was gay on her webby i meen wtf??? she nose wot i go thru
wid ppl at skool nd den she as 1 of my 'm8s' says dat nd
den was lyk oh wel dis is alot worse nd woe is me blah
blah blah i was lyk.....UR NT DA ONLI 1 WID FUKIN
PROBLEMS!!! so shes nt tlkin 2 me bt ohhhhhhhhhh

but im not so pisd off wid er bt hayley!! coz shes da 1
dat tld er it was me i meen i keep loadsa secrets bout
stuff she says bout ppl nd dat 1 fing i say she goes nd
tells er staright away....i meen i ava gd mind 2 go
staraight 2 charlot nd tel er everythin hayley says bt i
wont coz it is outas....i fink ill say dat 2 hayley bt nt
launch into a rgument coz im alredi nt tlkin 2 enuff

ohhh wel such is life lol im off 2 watch make me a


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