Please Dont Cry
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2005-03-21 17:17:45 (UTC)

Fuck it

well, im not in school today because my mom needed me to
watch my brother while she takes adrian to the airport
because he broke up with her basically because of me. He
found my condoms and shit because he went into my room and
snooped through everything. Fuck him. That makes me so
fucking mad it isnt even funny. He's mad at her for not
talking to him about it and shit. Dude, It isnt his
buisness what I do Im not his daughter..god, she can do so
much better and I think she realizes that. I fucking hate
seeing her cry because of him being an asshole. She didnt
do anything wrong because its between me and her. Her
decisions are none of his buisness because it doesnt
affect him. UGGGGGGGGGH. Im so fucking pissed off i need
someone to talk to. Grr.....I just want to sleep before I
kill someone. Im out

Love u baby

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