Please Dont Cry
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2005-03-21 17:14:30 (UTC)

Beyond Amazing

This weekend was just great. I spent it with my baby all
weekend and we had lots of fun. On Friday we didnt do much
because I got there late and we were both very tired. On
Saturday we walked to Frenchtown because it was gorgeous
outside so it was just one of those kind of days. Then we
hung out with Kyle, John and unfourntally Bobby. I got to
ride Kyle's quad! It was amazing haha I love doing stuff
like that, but I never get to. Then we got a little tipsy
and bobby faked being drunk which was funny because he
looked like such a dumbass. So he looked normal. He kept
trying to get with me it was obvious, but my baby
protected me. I love him to death. On Sunday we cleaned
his room because it needed to def be cleaned then went to
his other sister's house for a little bit. I took him to
McDonalds because he was hungry and i love him. It was
just a great weekend. God id give up everything I have
just to make sure he will always be with me. I love you
Jayson more than anything.