2005-03-21 16:42:31 (UTC)

No More Tears

Crying agian,
Broken and alone,
Longing right now for someone to hold,
Shaking so bad i can't pick up the knife,
Thinking of the feeling of it cutting my skin,
Once i begin i no i can never stop,
Trying to resist it,
Then ask i ask myself "who really cares",
So take the knife and i hear my skin tear,
I feel the pain flow as it drains out from my bloody wrist,
"Is it helping"? I ask myself,
So I do it again,
This time faster,
Deep as the knife can go,
I hear my vain snap,
I watch the blood pore,
But this dosen't scare me,
It just makes me want more,
I'm not gonna stop,
I want to blead myself dead,
Cutting and cutting theres never any end,
Nobody can stop me so don't even try,
You never really loved me so save your lies,
Go ahead try to save me call 911,
By the time they get here I'll be gone,
No more worries,
No more lies,
No more pain,
No more tears,
Dear lord please help me,
I beg of you,
The last i'll ever ask of you,
Please take me with you..
-Cassie Wilkins