My Life Is FIlled With Quiet Nights In
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2005-03-21 15:52:03 (UTC)

Laying The Blame

Did you just feel the earth move?
It moved for me, did it move for you?
Did you just hear fireworks?
They went off for me, did they go off for you?
Did you go temporarily blind?
I couldn't see you, could you see me?
Has the world been destroyed?
I think He may have pressed the button

Why did we leave our fate in the hands of an idiot?
Why did we put our trust in a twisted and cruel madman?
Why do so many people idolise that maniac?
When they have seen what He can do?

And I bet you think you know who I'm talking about
The man everyone loves to hate
So easy to blame a confused lush, isn't it?

But for those of you who believe in it
Who created that man?
Who's fault?
Who's the insane one we should all fear?
God Is Cruel.