My Life Is FIlled With Quiet Nights In
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2005-03-21 15:47:38 (UTC)


I am devoid of darkness
Overflowing with anti-light
If you were to look deep into my veins
You'd see no monster or saviour
I attempt to rectify
Or do I attempt to hide from your sight?
Is the attention I appear to seek
Just a decoy from my endless void
Of a mind?

Thoughts on anger-filled night
Made me finally realise
I have no reality inside
A shell upon which you project your minds
A new persona, every new friend I make
I find an object you desire, and one you despise
And put them in front of my eyes
For you to see, to make you think
That I am divine in my faults, and demonic in my perfections

My questions are answered
I finally found out what I am
I am nothing but a figment
Of my own inagination
I think no real thoughts
I have pretended that I'm happy
I have pretended that I'm sad
Because I didn't know what emotion I should be feeling

But now I know
That all I am
Is a ghost
That never really lived

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