My Life Is FIlled With Quiet Nights In
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2005-03-21 15:47:05 (UTC)

Alcoholic Love

You gave me a rose soaked in gin
And pretended it was dew
You drank a gallon of straight vodka
And told me it was water

But I know

I bathe myself in brandy
Just so you will put your mouth to my skin
Douse myself in a perfume made of wine
Just so you will put your face in my neck

And you never notice

You told me you'd f*ck me anytime
But thought you'd told me I was beautiful
You told me I was better than my mother
But thought you were asking me to marry you

But I understood

I wear easily torn off clothing
To make it easier for you
I never bother wearing underwear
I don't want you to get confused

And you never notice

You gave me a gummy haribo sweet
You thought it was a diamond engagement ring
You held my hands in front of a policeman
Who you thought was the vicar

And I still said "I do"

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