My Life Is FIlled With Quiet Nights In
2005-03-21 15:38:59 (UTC)

In Order Of Appearance

To the one who I feel that I've connected with the most:
I worry about you and the things you're involved with
I worry about your talent overshadowing your face
I worry about how little I actually know about you
And I worry about saying goodbye to you

To the one who I have recently loved the most:
I'm glad that I met you when I did
I'm glad that you feel the same way as me
I'm glad that I don't have to constantly talk around you
And I'm glad that we have a common ground

To the one who has helped me the most:
I wish that I could help you back
I wish that I could see you more often
I wish I hadn't felt the way that I used to
And I wish that you never knew

To the one who has made me laugh the most:
I hope I have made you laugh too
I hope I haven't been cold and untalkative
I hope we continue our conversation
And I hope to know you for a long time

To the one who has threatened me the most:
I will tell you that everybody knows
I will tell you the reaction I had
I will tell you how angry I am
And I will tell you how much I hate you

And to the one who I have hurt the most:
I am sorry I didn't explain myself properly
I am sorry that I confused you
I am sorry that you don't know what you did
And I am sorry for bothering with you