My Life Is FIlled With Quiet Nights In
2005-03-21 15:14:04 (UTC)

First Time Oral

I warn you now, this is quite a dity poem, but written in
good humour :D


If I lick my lips will you ask me to?
If I open my mouth will you want it?
If I give you a wide-eyed stare
Will you take me in your arms
And let me do what I want to do?

Do you promise to tell me what you like?
Will you encourage me when I do it right?
Will you lay me down in the grass
And kiss me til I run out of breath?
Will you let me do this to you?

And if you promise not to speak in code
And if you promise not to laugh if it goes wrong
If you promise to tell me what to do
I promise, I'll do this one thing for you

Just tell me that you remember my name
Tell me it won't be the first and only time
Tell me that I'm beautiful
And you can have me
For no money at all

Stroke my hair
Look into my eyes
Talk dirty when you think the moment is right
Laugh and sing and tell me I'm good at
Pleasing you
Releasing you
And I
I promise
It will be alright