If Only....
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2005-03-21 14:24:11 (UTC)

I am thinking it's a sign....


Okay- For the past few days my computer has been acting up
and I haven't been able to get to this site...But today IT

Consumption of:
* 1 glass of hot lipton tea

Feelings: I haven't exercised in a while and that has to
change. I woke up in a wonderful mood and am about to head
off to work but I have to get ready first.
A LOT has happened to me since my last entry, but I
suppose it is better that I wasn't able to write because I
had a lot of shitty things to say.
Yesterday, on the other hand was terrific. It has been a
long time since I have used such an adjective- but with
sincerity, I do mean it.
Also, Nolan is in town- Tyler's lil brother. It is cool
having him here adn we get to go to houston TEXAS on
Thursday. There's no place like home.....
I will write much more later on, beleive me- But as of now
I need to get my ass out of here.

...Nothing more to say....

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