Group 3 Web Log
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2005-03-21 14:10:37 (UTC)

Starting work - Naomi

Hi Guys

It's Monday 21st and I've only just started work on my
part of the presentation. As I said to you before, I have
no internet access at home as my computer is sitting in
pieces under a desk in a room thats half painted, which
isn't good for me! So this is the first opportunity I've
had to do any research work. I'll do my best to have it
all for Thursday, I'm praying that I'll have net access at
home as of tomorrow, it's costing me a fortune to keep
coming to Chelmsford to use the library.

Thats all I have to say, I just wanted to write something
as my presence has been a bit scarce!

Hope everyones getting on ok, see you all on Thursday


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