SoMe PeOpLe WaNt It AlL...
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2005-03-21 12:15:07 (UTC)

gOiNg To ScHoOl...

I need to go to school in like 10 minutes. ;( I needed
to get online though cause I stored my current event in my
mail and had to get it out. My article was: TEXAS LAWMAKER
SEEKS TO END SEXY CHEERLEADING. Yes very interesting. It's
from AOL news cause I'm to lazy to open up a newspaper.
LOL. I had a cracker with my chocolate milk for breakfast
today...hmmmm....more than I usually have. At least I won't
be starving by lunch.
I was just thinking about that movie The Pacifier. I
saw it on Friday. I thought it was pretty good. Liz, you
wouldn't like it because it is potty humor and definatly
not as sophisticated as The Notebook!lol It also seemed
like the whole town had a black belt, but I liked seeing
Vin Deisel in this setting as opposed to the other movies
he's done. g2g. see ya.