My so called life...
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2005-03-21 07:37:04 (UTC)

good timezZ

ok so diaryland is having some weird problems,so until
they fix it,im using this thing.so lets see. im on my
spring break right now. hopefully ti turns out good. cuz
it started out GREAT. for some weird reason i cant
remember wut i did on friday...BUT Saturday was really
fun. the first party was pretty gay, but te second one
made up 4 it.first of all that guys house was AMAZING. it
looked like fuckin disneyland. but everything was goin
awsome except me n zara got raped on a chair but two... as
zara would say "gekhdot sevaganz". funny shit...getting
laughed at buy certain individuals WASNT!! lolll. ummm wut
else. oh ya thanks to the pack of dijarums i htink im
gonna start coughing up blood.so ya...aprty was awsome...
and i ALMOST got wut i wanted....well actually i was in
the middle of getting exactly wut i wanted till the poor
birthday boy went n got stabbed. after that it was jsut a
bunch of blood, yelling, cops...we jsut jacked the red
vines n bounced out of there. oh driving in the rain with
the top down was fun too....i swear were not crazy. then
conrads and the pasadena barahantes and ended the night
with the best mexican food in eagle rock. i dont know how
i managed ot wake up at 8 today afte sleeping at four. and
i had way to much food today!!!
zar my luv no stressing till atleast two days! trust me no
one knows how u feel more than i do. umm ang same thing
with the top down in the rain, but alek seggests umbrellas
this time so well look even stupider. lmao...the good
timezZ. anyway as early as it is...i need sleep, so ill
update again later,but hopefully diaryland will be up n
working by then. ok ppl GNITEEEE***

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