2005-03-21 05:01:38 (UTC)

thru the last few months

the last few months have been really hard for me. I have
taken the time to take a good look at my self. Since then
i have tried my hardest to fix everything ive done wrong im
the last few years of my life. I have worked my ass off
since the day i decided to change.
Ithas taken a lot of will power to quit doing what i
use to do. Drugs really do change people. I have lost my
closest friend because of my stupid choices. Looking back,
i see that drugs were not worth my time or money. My so
called "friends"were only my friends because of what type
of drugs we did. I think now that i was young and dumb.
Im so glad that i got out of that phase as soon as i did.
I changed just in the nick of time. I droped out of school
and now im back. I lost my linceses and my cars, almost
lost my job, got kicked out of my house. I was a mess.
Now im on the long hard road that will take to back to were
i left off. Intwo weeks ill have my linceses back and one
of my car, i just got a raise at work, and ill be
graduating this year on time too. Im so proud of my self
and so is everyone else who knows me. Its been a rocky
couple of years but i changed. And im glad for that. to
all you people who are going though what i did, im so proud
of you. i bet you are just as proud of your self as i am.
I kno its worth it in the long run and i hope i never
become that bad ever again in my life.

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