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2005-03-21 02:43:57 (UTC)

Doesn't even matter anymore...

Monday, 21 March 2005
14:25 PM




Has it been that long since I’ve written in this dairy
(too busy reading other peoples)? I mean I don’t EVEN
have the same feelings I did for this Carl fellow, shit
we’re so just mates now and it’s much better.

I totally agree that friendship is a whole heap nicer…

I mean in that time I have gotten back with my ex of 7
years, finished with him (lol) and started seeing another
guy for about a week, which funnily enough is now over.

So I’m back to the good ole drawing board of being YFS…
young, free and single! But hey, it’s all good; I’m ok
with it.

It’s funny though, I had such a great weekend and it’s
cool to tell you because you don’t know who I am and it
won’t be boasting. But I had four things happen that
really boosted my confidence, because really, you do need
reassuring at times.

1) (In order of how they happened) I was out with
one of my best friends on Friday night and she told me her
and her ex were having a conversation about their mates
and all that and she told him that out of all her mates,
I’m the one who gets the guys. We only ever talk, but she
said they always come to me. Weird but it was interesting
to hear because I thought it was our other friend. I mean
I’d never even thought about it before.
2) This guy pulled up next to us later on that night
and waved at me from his Bema, my god… he was a hotty. So
I smiled and waved back… he waved me on to follow him. Of
course I didn’t and wonder what would have happened had
I. The thing about this is my mate thought he was dam
fine too and we hardly ever agree on hotty factor.
3) Caught up with a friend of a friend at a bar on
Saturday night and he asked for my number… can never see
myself with him but it sure was nice to know someone wants
it!!! Hahaha.
4) And the final one is less guy-orientated, my
friend’s grandparents commented to her on how they thought
I was beautiful… get that, that’s a laugh and a half!

But yeah, I wish to bear these things in mind next time
I’m feeling down and out… if you think that’s conceited
then be my guest. But you don’t know me so like I said, I
ain’t boasting…

Other than that, I’m really tired. I had a busy as
weekend… drank it away and went clubbing both nights
(Friday and Saturday) and probably had 6 hours sleep the
whole weekend. I don’t do drugs so I’m buggered as hell,

Anyways, I’m at work so I best be off.


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